Employee Cyber Security Training & Testing

It’s no secret that cyber crime is rapidly on the rise and is wreaking havoc on a global scale. In fact, a staggering amount (some reports claim as high as 88%) of data breaches and cyber security failures are due to human error and negligence. This is why properly training your employees on standard IT policies and protocols is of utmost importance!

Allow us to come in and train your employees on how to detect and handle many of the more common methods that are used against the most vulnerable link in the cyber security chain, people. This method of exploitation is called “social engineering”, and its VERY effective! They can come in as a phone call pretending to be someone else, an email that tricks users to “sign in” to a fake website, even a nefarious website that injects some malicious code causing a major problem for your organization!

In conclusion, if you have proper training and policies that are being followed and enforced, your employees will be more aware of the dangers of cyber security breaches and will be able to prevent mistakes from happening. In this way, you will be better equipped to deter cyber crimes and ensure that your data will remain safe.

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